T-12 and Counting!

If you’re reading this, it’s clear that you have a giving heart and a desire to help. It’s early, but I’ve already caught myself in the deep thought that accompanies me on the trail. One of these thoughts is about you – the reader, the giver.

With so many worthwhile causes and charities, I am curious why somone would pick this one. Let me say at the outset that I’m glad that God has lead you here, but I’m still curious.

My reason – or reasons – are pretty obvious: I’ve got, as they say, “some skin in the game.” I have personal experienece with family and friends of family who have battled life threatening diseases. I’ve seen first hand the work that these non-profits do to give as many advantages possible to those often battle weary children and young adults. Their efforts – and your donations to those efforts – are worth it!

My other reason might be that it’s part of my healing process. Time will tell…neverthelesss, when asked why I do this, the simplest answer is, “Because I can.” The timing is not right for me to endow a fund; I can’t run marathons anymore; I can’t knit or quilt special gifts for the kids; I can’t do a benefit concert and raise millions of dollars (I believe you have to have musical talent for that!) and so on. But I have a deep love of the outdoors and, among other things, find peace and a sense of purpose there. Perhaps over the next several hikes – over several  years –  the peace and sense of purpose will become a band-aid to my broken heart.

But let’s talk about you. As I said, I am curious as to why, with so many charitble needs, you find youself here…I am too poor a writer, an even worse philospher, and most certainly an even poorer judge of people to hazard plausible reasons! Oh sure, I’ve thought of a few anyway; but in the end, I believe that whatever the reason that causes your heart and/or wallet to open up, it’s all part of a bigger plan…a plan that connects you and me with children and their families that we’ll never meet, people whose faces and names will remain a secret forever. That’s good. It’s okay. You see, it’s the desire to share, to help – to support in ways that you and I may never really fully grasp – that is all we need for a reason. Our efforts find their way to the folks they need to; our efforts are an extension of our faith that we can make a difference; there is hope; we can give someone a chance in a battle they must fight.

Someone – or lots of someones – did that for Rebecca and they didn’t know her then, don’t know her now, and never will know her. But their desire to help – their efforts – gave Rebecca – and us – hope and a chance.

My hike and your support is preparing someone else’s battlefield. Reason enough I suppose…

Ready on the left flank? Ready on the right?



About jeffsimpsonhiker

Through-hiking the Appalachian Trail to raise money for Leukemia-Lymphoma Society, St Baldrick's and Make-A-Wish Foundation.
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One Response to T-12 and Counting!

  1. Scott Mason says:


    I wanted to let you know that our story on your hike airs today (Monday, May 9th) at 5:55pm and will be posted at wral.com later tonight. Thanks for your help, and best of luck with the rest of your journey.

    Scott Mason

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