LAST SIGHTING: Hiawassee, GA traveling North!!

Jeff has been slightly delayed by the weather…3 and 4 inches of rain along the way, wet boots, cold hands and a bit of a knee issue. He was able to contact Stanley and come off the trail long enough to work on solutions to these issues and is back on the trail. He sounds good and, I believe, is enjoying his experience to the fullest! We, however, are missing him like crazy!! I’m not sleeping so great and Herbie doesn’t know what to do! He thinks he’s supposed to wait downstairs in his bed until everyone is home, so he’s not ready to come upstairs when I’m ready to go to bed…poor little guy. I’m so very proud of Jeff for his commitment to his dreams and goals. Keep praying for him, please!!

He sent me some thoughts to post…enjoy:

WARNING-soap box ahead…. so far i’ve found three types of folks as it regards their reaction to what i’m doing. 1st there are those that are impressed/ supportive and eagerly want the info card. 2nd type are those that are cordial/ encouraging and make comments that reflect the same [ and may pass the info on ?] . and the 3rd are those that could care less and my elevator speech goes in one ear and out the other. well, this hit me today and has lead to my soapbox. at the outset i need to be clear with the reader that i’m not naive enough to think that all will be in category one. that said, it prompted my thinking cap ( no small feat ! ) and i’ve drawn one simple conclusion: you don’t/ others don’t have to care about MY cause but they need to care about something. and maybe just not care but be passionate about it. we all need to care about something bigger than ourselves; something that when you think or talk about ti, tears sometimes flow and our hearts swell w/ emotion. if you’re reading this then you presumably care about these n-p’s and their efforts to stem the tides of illness, crushed dreams and insufficient answers to cures. if not and you’re one of those #2 or #3 types – that’s ok. but find something or someoneĀ  bigger than you to care about . your heart was designed to need such a thing and this old world could probably use more passion and tears because we care. really care. js steadfast aka little feet


About jeffsimpsonhiker

Through-hiking the Appalachian Trail to raise money for Leukemia-Lymphoma Society, St Baldrick's and Make-A-Wish Foundation.
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One Response to LAST SIGHTING: Hiawassee, GA traveling North!!

  1. Ben and Shannon Tempel says:

    Well said Jeff!

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